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Indigenous culture

Relaxing and enjoying the music of ethnic people performed,for visitors at Suoi Rao Ecolodge, is one of the activities that bring special welcomeness to the ecolodge: 

_ Dance and sing in Cham language, Cham handicrafts 

_ Performance of ethnic musical instruments: Violin, rock, zither... by a professional ethnic band (subject to availability) 

 Ethnic instruments can not only perform domestic songs but also international songs, giving visitors an immersive time with local culture. (Vi songs, folk songs, traditional folk art)

Natural farmed food to your table

Embraced Masanobu Fukuoka's philosophy of natural farming and the distance of your food to the plate, food and vegetables at Suoi Rao ecolodge are sourced locally and much of the food you eat is what grows here at the lodge's gardens. Select from the list of clean vegetables, fruits and self-produced clean food products with more than 20 different types and pick your own wild vegetables or cook yourself. 

Meditate, detox the body, and eat macrobiotics with the guidance of Prof. Dr. Doctor Tran Thi Bay, Dean of Oriental Medicine Department, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnamese culinary researchers. Selected and nurtured in our garden are more than 100 types of herbal medicinal plants that are included in Ecolodge's daily dishes. 


There are delicious wild vegetables that grow naturally such as banana, bitter melon; natural herbs and spices served with boiled meat, grilled meat such as wild toad leaves, wild cassava, cilantro and wild ginger. 

Natural pool

Using an on-site 40-meter deep water source, the pool water is extracted from deep underground bedrocks of volcanic origin comprised of natural minerals and purity unaffected by residential water sources.

Enjoy a fresh and refreshing space waterscape of non-filtered and non-additive water that is always kept at a naturally warm temperature due to the thermo-balance of underground temperatures. 

(Photos) Swimming pool in the woods, with shade trees

Minimal intervened poolscape that is abundant with vegetation gives a startling contrast with the conventional resort pool walls made of hot concrete. The ecolodge has fulfilled the idea of building an ecological swimming pool blending in between the trees: visitors are free to have fun and enjoy swimming moments without worrying about the hot sun, or skin burns...