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Handmade ecosystem

Cultivated by a group of architects and landscape architects with a passion for conserving wild natural habitats, Suoi Rao has a biodiverse ecosystem of more than 500 uniquely rich flora and fauna species of tropical flowers, native trees, precious woods, leafy plants, local fruit trees, rare medicinal plants, indigenous vegetables and Burmese Cherry Blossom forest - an idea that has been nurtured for over 10 years ago. With a unique perspective, Suoi Rao Ecolodge is an attractive escape destination to check out among other "visitor-friendly" places.

Suoi Rao Ecolodge is cultivated in a special ecological zone with the most luxuriant vegetation in the Southeast region within an area of 5 hectares. Flowers bloom in 4 seasons, lotus ponds are full of fish and the houses are designed with eco-friendly materials preserved from rural Vietnam visits. Especially with indigenous Pine, Spruce, and Camphor trees(3 types of trees that secrete the best air-purifying Phitonsite), you can meditate, walk in the areas with stone walkways stomping uphill and downhill under the shady trees and flowers blooming along the path.

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