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Houses in a forest

Cultive to reserve

With a natural space of 50,000 m2 (5 ha) Ecolodge has reserved more than 95% of the land area for native vegetation. Nature is respected, preserved and developed in the principleof biodiversity to bring a different resort experience to visitors. The system of houses is designed in the traditional indigenous style of South Vietnam. We reuse old house materials by scouring throughout the region or building new ones with distinctive vernacular architecture. 

The passive energy houses are spatially cool during hottest time of the year while being equipped with a spacious living room space, 1 room with 1 queen bed or 2 single beds but can also be changed according to the number of guests.

We only accept up to 40 guests to allow a serene and quiet space.

Give us a call to find out which bungalow is right for you : here


Hand-made Habitat

Winding paths take you around the 5-hectare area of lovingly cultivated to be one with the sound of birds singing and flowing streams. 

With small stone-paved paths, visitors can drop their worries into each step, listen and feel the cool and airy natural atmosphere along with the sound of forest birds chirping, flowing streams, overlooking meadows of flowers, exotic tropical plants and beautiful natural landscapes.


Natural landscape created by a profound understanding of plants.

Suoi Rao ecolodge's hills are planted with coniferous trees such as Caribbean Pine, Spuce, and Juniper or essential oil-containing plants such as Camphor (Da Huong) - containing healthy essential oils, capable of absorbing heavy metal ions . in the atmosphere as well as sleep-induce mesmerising fragrance.

The temperature at Suoi  Rao Ecolodge is cool during the day and a tad chilly at night, below 25 ºC, in contrast to nearby cities or seaside towns. 

Bamboo house 

Adjacent to the stream and covered by green bamboo bushes and harmonising with the landscape is a house with Hoi An vernacular architecture with glossy brown wooden columns that is both luxurious and age-old. With an area of 80m2 including two double beds and a beautiful attic that can accommodate up to 6 people, facilities, a 3.5m long wooden coffee table is a gathering space for friends or family.

The bamboo house is also connected to the central space is a lovely Japanese garden and the central lake (1000 m2) includes recreational fishing rods and basic amenities. Perfect for a stroll or summer evening BBQ. 

Joyful house

With an area of 63 m2. about 50m from other houses, Joyful is quiet, with views overlooking the forest and garden, glass doors open to 4 sides is the garden: including a meditation garden. If you love yoga, and meditation, then there is a great open space larger than 500m2 with Central Vietnam style wooden house including two toilets and two beds that can accommodate 3-4 people.